Caviar Multi Layer Crystal Mask
(4th generation upgraded version)

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Caviar multi-layer crystals

●Authoritative technical development
●Exclusive patent technology 
●Advanced biotechnology for instant glow

-Precious French caviar:Enriched with generous vitamins and proteins.

-Energizing micro-crystals:Featured with 5 growth factors covered by the micro-crystal of our patented technology for fast penetration with micrometer particle size. It can revive and  promote the cell while hydrating and nourishing skin to improve dry and dull skin and soften the skin to glow like a black diamond.

-Phalaenopsis stem cell extract:Contains rutin, quercetin, kaempferol and isorhamnetin (powerful antioxidant) for antioxidant protection to effectively reduce melanocyte with anti-aging effect and decrease melanin content.

-Argireline:Similar to botulinus and firms the skin.

-Rose concentrate:For skin hydration, clarity. Improve skin brightness that regenerates irresistible glow.

-Roselle Extract:Contains antioxidants of flavonoids, catechin and anthocyanidin with function of anti-oxidation.


Black diamond French-style boutique

Ingredient technology with good value for self-care:

For instant glow and improvement of skin dryness
Natural and healthy high-end biotechnology for firmness, hydration, dryness repair and fine line reduction
The precious caviar cell is enriched with vitamins and proteins. The technology of multi-layer energizing micro-crystals for covering contains various growth factors and phalaenopsis stem cell extract, roselle, argireline, and rose concentrate to activate the youth-generating power of skin. Its fast breakdown and penetration of skin can hydrate and nourish the skin.

Main ingredients:Sturgeon roe extract, multi-layer crystals of growth factors, phalaenopsis extract stem cell, roselle extract, argireline and rose extract.

Directions:Use 3–5 times a week. Apply the mask to the skin after face cleaning. Remove it after 20–30 minutes without washing.

Precautions:In case of serious discomfort or inflammation of skin after use, please wash with clean water immediately.

Storage:Keep in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

Inspection report:The product has passed SGS inspection with number UG/2020/21563.




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